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Whether you're looking to improve your own English, or help your child improve theirs, Tutor Doctor has tutors to help!

Are you new to Canada and worried about whether your child will be able to keep up in an English speaking school? Do you speak your native language at home and think your child is not speaking English enough? Tutor Doctor's tailored approach provides convenient, in-home solutions for every ESL need. 

From pronunciation and spoken English to mastering grammar and writing, as well as reading and listening strategies, Tutor Doctor has tutors to help you or your child get ahead in a competitive English speaking environment.

Our free, no-obligation consultation allows us to learn about the student’s specific situation and to identify a tutor who will be a great match from an academic standpoint as well as a "chemistry" or personality standpoint. Our focus is all about matching students with tutors who will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their learning.

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